Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Militarizing Law Enforcement

We all know the tragedy that happened in Ferguson. The government's response has been another sign of what I fear the most: A militarized police force having the so-called "right" to shoot, stab, beat, our family and friends, and maybe worse! The only way to stop it online is to sign petitions like the one below.

Thank you.
- Oniell.

P.S. I apologize for not posting enough to keep your attention. I'm slowly losing interest in my online hobbies.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Rally Against Mass Surveillance

Hello everyone!

Oniell Ford here. Just wanted to get this message out to everybody. Do you remember the NSA's secret spying program on the entire nation and others? Well, our friends at stopwatching.us have been planning a rally against the NSA's controversial and unconstitutional mass surveillance program. They plan on rallying at Washington D.C. to protest and deliver a petition of over half-a-million signatures demanding the U.S. Government to end the NSA's program.

I cannot attend the rally in-person, unfortunately. However, that does not mean I can't do anything about it! For those of us that can't attend, we are able to do so via online.

For more information, visit the following link.

I will be attending the rally. Will you join me?

- Oniell Ford.

Friday, September 6, 2013

California's Deadliest Catch - New Report Calls for End to Drift Gillnets

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to get this across to you guys. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project has begun an action called "California's Deadliest Catch" to look into, and hopefully stop, the use of a controversial fishing tool known as "Drift Gillnets".

Please click here to learn more about this "California's Deadliest Catch" and spread the word to help stop these horrible acts!

- Oniell Ford.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End Modern Slavery!

The case of Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban, accused of human trafficking in the U.S., has caused a stir throughout the world. But do you know how the story was uncovered? A few weeks ago, the victim, identified as 'Jane Doe,' escaped Alayban’s home where she alleges she was forced to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week; her passport held by Alayban to prevent escape. Jane Doe then flagged down a bus, explained her situation to another passenger who helped her phone police. When the police went to investigate, they found four other women at the home claiming to be in the same situation.

Modern slavery is a crime that survives hidden from the view of the public, but occasionally, it’s there, right in front of us. It could happen overtly – a woman escaping a home in which she was trapped or a boy summoning the courage to trust a stranger – or a more subtle scene in an airport where something just doesn't look right. The bottom line is, at any moment, a person trapped in the nightmare of modern slavery could be trying to get our attention and we all need to be ready to help. Hours ago, Princess Alayban was supposed to face charges of human trafficking in a California court but didn't show up. Annoyed, the judge moved her court date.

Already, the media is focused on the case and its possible outcomes. But one person is getting less coverage – the passenger on the bus that connected ‘Jane Doe’ to the help she needed. Awareness of telltale signs and potential situations of modern slavery is something everyone should have – how amazing would it be if everyone could recognise a potential case of modern slavery, and know what to do to speak up?

When I read that, I felt like this was one of the biggest problems brought to my attention. I felt like I should get off my lazy butt, run to where this "Jane Doe" lady is currently at, ask her questions about what she went through and then bust out any other slaves! But I can't. I'm disabled and low on money. Despite that, I am not giving up. I can still do something, and so can YOU! Click the links below to help, please!

Send a message of solidarity that we all stand with the passenger on the bus who took action to protect another by ensuring millions of people know how to spot a problem AND what to do.

Click here to SHARE important tips for how to recognise a potential modern slavery problem with everyone you know on Facebook.

Thank you,
- Oniell Ford.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Greetings, everyone!

As many of you might have noticed by the huge "CISPA is back" gadget above the posts, CISPA has returned. CISPA, or Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is another reincarnation of the dreaded SOPA/ACTA laws the Government tried to pass a few years ago.

To think that the Government is acting like a spoiled 5 year old who throws a fit until he gets his way, is beyond ridiculous! Why in the hell did WE vote THEM in??

Please sign this petition to help stop CISPA from being passed.

- Oniell.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ecco The Dolphin Revival

Greetings, everyone!

A petition has been started by a woman from Vyazniki (Russian Federation) to get Sega to make another installment of their 1990's video game series, "Ecco The Dolphin". It's goal is to get 1,104 signatures and be delivered to Sega, to show that the series is still loved by many & worth producing a true, third game.

Sign here!

Why am I posting about this? I've been a fan of Ecco The Dolphin for years now. Ever since childhood I've been interested in it, but very terrified of it at the same time. I've heard little bits of information about E. Ettore Annunziata being interested in more Ecco games. But recently, I read that he went to a meeting in September with Sega about bringing back the Ecco series. He confirmed it via post on his Twitter page that same month.

My understanding is that, if this petition reaches it's goal, it'll help boost Sega's belief in the series. Thus, the series has a sure chance of being given the "O.K." by them. If it already is, it'll be good for the development team, knowing that they've got over a thousand dedicated fans waiting to get their hands on a copy of the third game!